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Private Transport Info

The average transportation prices are:

  • Larnaca to Lefke or vice versa costs €80/£75
  • Paphos to Lefke or vice versa costs €110/£100
  • Ercan to Lefke or vice versa costs €50/£45

Note: the transportation costs from regular taxi drivers at the airport tend to be far higher then the prices mentioned above. The prices on the spot can be double (if not more) at the airports.

Note: transportation costs may vary due to changes in fuel prices.

Airport / tour transportation providers:

Haji Osman, 4 seater available

+90 533 832 13 94 (whatsapp also)

Brother Suleyman, 7 seater available

+90 533 822 55 27 (whatsapp also)

Brother Reza, 4 seater available

+90 533 824 13 72 (whatsapp also)

Local taxi drivers for shorter trips

information coming soon Inshallah