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Public Transportation Info

Detailed directions from Ercan and Paphos airports to the dergah will follow soon Inshallah.

Tip: Prior to travelling, we recommend you to download a map of Cyprus with Google maps using the ‘offline maps’ feature. It’s great if you need help without signal.

Here below a summary of how to get to the Dergah from Larnaca airport.

(If you’d like to visit Hala Sultan Tekke, buses take you every 3 hours so it’s best to walk 30 mins or catch a taxi)

Important: Buses on the Greek side require Euros and buses on the Turkish side require Turkish Lira so Remember to have both currencies at hand.

1– Outside the airport catch the ‘425’ bus towards DEKELEIA via “Cyprus public transport” (every 20 mins More info here: https://publictransport.com.cy/

2– Get off at stop 13 “the old hospital” (22min journey)

3– Catch the 42 towards Nicosia via ‘Intercity Buses’ More info here: http://www.intercity-buses.com/

4– Get off at the last stop which is Solomon square and walk towards lefkosia bus station (30 min walk)

Important: When crossing through the checkpoint, make sure to ask the Turkish side for 30 days visa, say you are visiting family friends

5– At the bus station catch a bus to Güzelyurt bus station (45 min) (every 30mins)

6– At Güzelyurt bus station catch a bus to lefke (30min) (every 30mins) Tell the driver to let you off at “Sheikh Nazim Dergah “

7– Look up to see the nearest minaret and walk towards it. “Mahkeme jaamih”. From here you can walk down to the Dergah easily.