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Important Information

Weather: The weather in Cyprus can vary drastically depending on the season, so it is important to pack clothes accordingly.

In the summer, Cyprus is very hot and dry, with temperatures exceeding 40 º C during the peak. Those who cannot endure the heat should visit in the optimal-temperature months of September and October. In July and August the temperature climbs over 45 º C, nights are 20 to 24 ºC. In the winter the temperature is very low so it is advised to bring a warm coat, thermal vests and extra socks. The coldest months are January and February with an average maximum temperature of 15-16 º C. Temperatures under 0ºC is a rarity, although it is possible. Spring and Autumn are the most optimal for visiting as the weather is neither hot or cold. This is March to May, and September to November.

The best time for swimming is between June and September, when the weather is hot. While you can still go swimming in October it is not desirable as the waster is already cold by this time. The water temperature can reach up to 17º C in February and 28 ºC in August.