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Medical / wellness services

Hollistic massage/reflexology/hijama therapy (both men and women). Martial art classes are also prodvided.
Therapists: brother Akan & sister Selma (his wife)
Address: coming soon
Telephone: +90 542 879 09 47 (Akan) and +90 533 870 09 66 (Selma)
Email: axelahmet@hotmail.com and selma_huseyin@hotmail.co.uk
General info: we offer holistic therapy treatments, including Swedish deep tissue massage, reflexology, and hijama. Massage is for aching limbs, fatigue, or pulled muscles, including back, hips, neck, legs and arms. Please contact us latest on arrival as often than not one may need more than one massage for treatment. Reflexology is a block treatment 6 sessions so as to repair and rebuild the nervous system. Hijama as a general rule can only be performed in spring or autumn unless it is an emergency like high blood pressure, severe depression, or yellow fever.
Extra info: https://www.facebook.com/HEAL1NGHANDS/

Also being taught is a martial arts class for practical self defence in real situations not competition or MMA. Private lessons and classes are given. For a 2 week holiday one can learn the basics enough to be more confident in cases of bullying or a general confidence builder for street situations. However one must be able to take a class every day or at least 5 times in a week. In order to progress to that basic level.
Extra info: https://www.facebook.com/5elementsWingChun

Also providing natural laundry powders manufactured in Cyprus. These are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.
Extra info: www.ecosolocyprus.com